Found in Africa. Where land begins.

Within each urchin resides the delicate shell of a real sea urchin, collected by hand, silver-plated to encase and delay the passage of time: what you now wear is the mark of beauty formed by nature and prolonged by mankind in the name of art. Like humans, no two can ever be the same.

We find all our urchins along a stretch of beach near the end of Africa. All of our work is done locally in South Africa and all of our stones are certified and come from reputable sources. . We take great care to be as care-free as possible, we’re not trying to take the sea shell out of the treasure, we leave it in, its imperfection being its perfection.

We extend beauty. We harness nostalgia for beach holidays. We strive to be as beautiful as our raw material. We remind you of the thrill of being a child. We embrace but don’t give in to being adults. We walk the beach and we still explore... read more

Within each African Urchin resides the delicate shell of sea urchin.
Like humans, no two can ever be the same.



We are all breakable. We will all disintegrate into the world. As robust as we are, we are fragile. Your urchin is no different: the shell is, by design, strong and durable. 

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It is sunrise. I know that the tide is dropping, dead low in an hour. I have some water, which is more for Molly than for me. I will find a shell to use as a water bowl. I also have a cloth bag, soft: the treasure I seek is delicate and more robust than you or me

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